Joshua Zev Nathan was born in Oakland, California and raised on a farm near the village of Moundridge, Kansas.  After graduating from the University of Kansas  in 2011, Joshua moved to Los Angeles to work on Paul Thomas Anderson’s film "The Master," and has since worked on a number of features, including Steven Spielberg’s "Lincoln," and Anderson’s "Inherent Vice." He has also directed, written, and produced three more short films, "The Burning Pile," "Newton Albuquerque," and "Another Easygoing Brother in the Meadow Wind." "Another Easygoing Brother in the Meadow Wind" was an official selection at the 2015 SaMo Indie Film Festival, the 2015 Tallgrass Film Festival, the 2016 Free State Festival, and the it  is currently playing as part of the 2016 Tallgrass Film Festival Road Show. You can also purchase "Another Easygoing Brother in the Meadow Wind," on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and Google.  It also was submitted as part of an application that earned Joshua a spot in Werner Herzog’s 2014 Rogue Film School (Los Angeles). 

Joshua is working at different stages on three feature films which he plans to direct (and write).  He is in post production on his narrative feature debut,  "The Dreams of Rene Sendam."  Joshua also recently completed the first draft of another feature-length screenplay set in Depression-era Oklahoma, and he is working on a third feature script about a Russian Jew who emigrates to the United States. Joshua is currently  in post-production with a documentary he is directing that follows him and a companion as they travel on foot across Kansas. He also produced a second documentary, "The Story of Doctor Ziyad M. Hijazi,"  about a pioneering pediatric heart doctor that filmed in Jordan and Qatar in summer 2015. The documentary was just completed and will be released soon. You can see more of his work at






Cortney Lynn Kammerer is a 26-year-old producer raised in “The (San Fernando) Valley” and currently resides near the beach in Los Angeles. She likes to binge watch horror movies, pick kale, papayas, and passion fruits from the garden, and  occasionally work as a deck hand on sailboats on the Pacific Ocean. In 2011, Cortney graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management Economics. 

Cortney moved from Santa Cruz back to Los Angeles after being hired to intern on the set of Paul Thomas Anderson's film “The Master” (2012). After filming ended, the film’s Producer, JoAnne Sellar, offered Cortney a position as her personal assistant. Cortney continued to work on “The Master” through post-production, marketing, domestic and international distribution. When “The Master” wrapped Cortney stayed on as Ms. Sellar’s assistant and immediately began working in pre-production for Anderson’s next film “Inherent Vice” (2014). Cortney worked the entirety of the production as Ms. Sellar’s assistant, and was later promoted to the position of Post-Production Coordinator for the duration of post-production, marketing, and distribution of the film. While working for Anderson and Sellar, Cortney met Joshua Nathan. During the early stages of “Inherent Vice,” the two began a creative relationship, and most recently she produced Nathan's short film, “Another Easygoing Brother in the Meadow Wind” (2014),  where she first met and collaborated with director of photography, Iain Trimble. The short has been officially selected for both the 2015 Tallgrass Film Festival and the 2015 SaMo Indie Film Festival. Cortney also produced the web-series “Talents” (2015) an official selection at Austin Film Festival. In 2015, Cortney started her company Buffalo Milk Productions and continues to work on independent film productions. Currently, Cortney is Unit Production Manager and Post Production Supervisor  on a documentary directed and produced by Djimon Hounsou's production company Fanaticus Entertainment. Cortney is currently in post-production as Producer for "The Dreams Of Rene Sendam".


Director of Photography 

Iain Trimble is a Kansas native and director of photography. He studied Film and Media Studies at the University of Kansas, while on a Track and Field scholarship.  After graduating, Iain co-founded Rockhaven Films, a production company which shoots worldwide, producing commercials, music videos, short films, and documentaries. Iain has worked as director of photography on numerous commercials, music videos and short films, and has practical experience with a multitude of digital and film cameras.

 Iain has collaborated as cinematographer with Joshua Zev Nathan on the short film, “Another Easygoing Brother in the Meadow Wind,” a music video shot on 16mm film, and a documentary Joshua is producing which  filmed in the Middle East in summer 2015.  Iain is currently in pre-production as director of photography for “The Dreams of Rene Sendam," and recently completed principal photography for  his first feature, Goodland,  as director of photography.







Costume Designer

Kristen Kopp is a costume designer who has designed over thirty projects in a variety of mediums including film, stage, dance and animation. She received a Tisch Department Fellowiship at New York University where she earned her MFA in Costume Design. In addition to designing she has been the assistant costume designer for Mark Bridges (Inherent Vice, Bourne 5), Karen Patch (Pee-Wee's Big Holiday). and Isis Mussenden (Masters of Sex).  Inherent Vice received an Academy Award Nomination in 2015 for Best Costume Design.










Production Designer 

By being born in Lawrence, Kansas and graduating from The University of Kansas with a degree in Film and Media studies, Natalie Edmondson has found herself in a fortunate position as production designer for the film, The Dreams of Rene Sendam." When writer and director Joshua Nathan planned to stage his film in Lawrence, the hometown production designer thought about the abundant creative opportunities that she could lend. Natalie's history on set started when she was a production assistant for the art department on the film, "Jayhawkers" directed by Kevin Willmont. Throughout the production Natalie kept finding herself more and more drawn to the production design and art direction of the film; after wrapping she began she put her career.  Following "Jayhawkers" she has worked as art director for "What We've Become," which was accepted into 2016 Free State Film Festival and SOHO International Film Festival. Natalie also served as art director on the web series, "Red Bird," written and directed by her mentor Misty Boland. Natalie has also been active in Women of Lawrence Film (WOLF) and has been a part of several local short films. 




Kristofer Parker is an accomplished composer and sound designer in film and television. Kristofer's roots as an electric musician go back will before he graduated from IAR, located in New York City's historic Greenwich Village. Kristofer has collaborated with Joshua Nathan on a variety of films including "Another Easygoing Brother in the Meadow Wind." He is currently working on a new single and scoring "The Dreams of Rene Sendam."