Editing away on Rene

It's been a hot minute since we last updated our blog, but trust that the film has been progressing in great strides! Here's a recap to catch you up on the current stage of film:

Back in June, our core team congregated in Lawrence, Kansas for pre-production, then July swooped in and ignited the start of production. In a whirlwind of twenty-one days, we filmed everything we set out to shoot with wildly gratifying results.

We are now deep into the post-production process and are happy to announce that we have a first rough cut of the film! We have some time to go before we lock picture and our immediate next step is securing additional funding for the creation of our visual effects sequence, music composition and licensing, sound design and more.  

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Stay tuned as we round the corner into the new year as we will have more updates in the coming months!

Happy holidays, 

The Dreams of Rene Sendam






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As our campaign comes to a close, we wanted to send a note of thanks to all of you!

We're honored to have your support for the film, and as we progress we'll keep you updated!

It's a thrill to have the chance to make a movie, and we are striving to make you proud!

Now - it's time to get to work!

Director Josh and Producer Cortney talk locations in Lawrence, KS

Director Josh and Producer Cortney talk locations in Lawrence, KS

And liftoff! We're on Kickstarter! And a Staff Pick!

Kickstarter named The Dreams of Rene Sendam a STAFF PICK! We're beyond grateful for their generosity. Kickstarter just gets Rene. 

Help support indie filmmakers to bring Rene's dreams to life! If you would consider donating to our Kickstarter campaign or sharing it with your networks we would be very grateful! $1 or one tweet can make it all the difference in this film being made!